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My name is Mercedes.

A Spiritual Medium, Intuitive Coach, writer, podcaster and I teach and give readings.


I give Medium readings where I make contact with loved ones that have passed away, in a 1 on 1 reading multiple loved ones come to let you know that they are still with you and that there is life after death.

As intuitive coach I teach you to believe in yourself, I give you the tools to work in the flow of the Universe and to change your thoughts into positive ones that help you think and feel differently so that you can live a happier life and make your dreams come true. I also read your aura, I see your blockages and help you to heal them. Every intuitive coaching is different with me and at the end of every coaching I use the angel cards.

I also help many children and teenagers that are sensitive and/or see people that have passed away.

I also have a passion for teaching in intuitive growth and Mediumship on different levels at the Oliviaz Academy, the school for spiritual growth. I give online and live lessons, mediumship demonstrations and I also regularly give readings and workshops.

Another passion of mine is writing and sharing knowledge. In 2020 my book Boodschappen van kinderen uit de spirituele wereld (Messages from children from the spirit world) was released and in 2021 Tekens uit het universum (Signs from the universe.) Both books you can order on this website.

In 2022 I started my own podcast: Tekens, synchroniteiten en boodschappen. In this podcast I share my own experiences and knowledge. I also regularly have guests on my podcast to talk about different subjects that are related to spiritualty.

I am so happy that I followed my heart and am able to do this beautiful work.